Membership: Currently £10.00 per member per annum, due 1st January each year or payable at any subsequent meeting in order to qualify for discounted CPD

Please click here to view/download the rules of membership.
BVA/MRCVS membership is NOT a pre-requisite to membership

  • BVA Members become full members with full voting rights
  • Non-BVA but MRCVS members are designated "Associate" members with no voting rights on BVA matters
  • Non-vets become "Affiliate" members with limited voting rights
  • Students (veterinary or nurse) are eligible for FREE student membership without payment of fees until Jan 1st following completion of their studies.
  • NEW! Qualified vet nurses may now pay the subsidised meeting rate without membership - or may opt to become affiliate members at £10 p.a. if they prefer

Joining: Non-Members may pay a cash or cheque joining fee at any stage mid-term and set up a standing order (S.O.) for the following January. Please download or request a membership and S.O. form as required. Remember to include a reference to your name (or practice) on any S.O. to ensure we can trace your annual payment back to you!

In some cases a practice may wish to make a single payment to cover several employees - which is acceptable. When an employee leaves during the year the vacant membership can be passed to the new employee. However a single membership should NOT be used to cover different vets attending different talks at subsidised rates throughout the year! We rely on your honesty to keep our fees and CPD charges at levels affordable to all (and currently among the best in the country!)

Talk fees: Membership will usually entitle you to a 50% discount on evening-talk fees, anticipated as most often £5.00 for members, £10 for non-members during 2013 - although subject to variation according to sponsorship.

Where the meeting is fully sponsored we retain the option of a small charge for non-members

You can join easily by downloading and completing a membership application form and standing order agreement.

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