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"Happiness Through Science" with Robin Ince

Robin Ince continues his comic exploration of the human condition, and asks can you be happy and rational at the same time? Sold out at other venues in the UK this year - we have tickets for Didcot!! During this show Robin - comedian and radio 4 presenter of "The Infinite Monkey Cage" hopes to show you "Happiness through Science". Join him in a world of Schrodinger cats, multiverses and evolutionary conundrums. Spend an entertaining evening in Robin’s company as he orienteers through the craggy landscape of evolution whilst plumbing the depths of his own murky consciousness, all without the aid of a safety net.
And you can join us for a bar drink in the interval!

Where: Cornerstone Arts Centre. 25 Station Road, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 7NE
When: June 29th 2012, 8pm 

"Happiness Through Science" with Robin Ince

BVA Congress

Give your views for the BVA council meeting on 22 September - more here.


Weds 31st August 2011: RCVA President's Summer Evening Invitation

On the 31st August a small group of RCVA members and their guests visited the CHILTERN VALLEY WINERY & BREWERY at Old Luxters near Henley-on-Thames. The weather was kind to us and made the setting with its ancient farm-builings, nestling between vineyards and woods, look most picturesque. Its authenticity was established when Nick de Ban recalled visiting the same setting when it was a working pig-farm, prior to 1984. The tour of the winery and brewery was quite fascinating, and made us appreciate the sampling in the cellar shop all the more. Sales were brisk, and sorted out a few birthday and Christmas presents early!

Thanks to everyone who came along for the evening.


December 2010: RCVA/VLA joint Farm Animal Meeting

The Farm Animal Clinic Evening will take place at 7.30pm on the 2nd December at the VLA - Winchester, Itchen Abbas SO21 1BX. The list of topics and speakers are listed below. A buffet will be provided and all colleagues are welcome to attend.

  • Current new and emerging disease investigations
    David Harwood MRCVS - VLA Winchester
  • Veterinary involvement following illness in visitors to open farms
    Neil Palmer MRCVS - VLA Winchester
  • Another clinical club quiz!
    Alan Wight MRCVS - VLA Winchester


RCVA President Summer Outing 18th August 2010

On a suprisingly sunny and balmy evening, happily between serious down-pours, a group of 30 people comprising vets, their friends and family members, formed a  welcome line-up so that Mosi and Mai, two canadian wolves, could sniff our proffered hands and accept us as pack-members, and hopefully judge us suitable company to join them on an evening walk into the dusk.

They kept a fair pace outside their 2.5 acre enclosure, and took their two handlers per-wolf to every boundary to sniff, mark and roll as the fancy took them.

During the walk we were allowed to approach the wolves, proffer our hands again and then confidently and firmly rub their abdomen, while they in turn looked about the group disdainfully - except for a select few vistors, where they fell at their feet or on their wellies, sniffing in enjoyment. Jeremy, Justine, Alex - you are the chosen ones - or is it the whiffy ones?

We were watched throughout by the keen eyes of the other 4 wolves, who could glimpse us from their compounds. On the way back to the education centre and now close up to these guys the difference between the slim, streamlined North American wolves and their heavier set European cousins was clear.

Tea and biscuits and a question and answer session from Angela, one of the volunteers, who outlined some of the educational work at the centre, rounded of the evening. Jim and I lingered behind into the dark, and were rewarded by a pack-howl in the moonlight - quite eerie and beautiful echoing through the Berkshire countryside.

Thanks to all who attended. We have been able to contribute £300 to the trust (

We have added some pictures from the day to our gallery which you can see here.

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